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Sometimes even a shoo-in doesn’t always fit.
Watch Sy put up his engineering skills against Sylvester’s
guitar playing muscle as the two dual it out and try to win the grand prize award for best performance at Acme Recording Studio. Find out whose best in this amazing debut episode of
the Sylverados.

Leave it to these fumbling little know it alls
especially when it comes to tackling a minor chore.
As usual, it’s an adventure even with the simplest of tasks such as getting the laundry done. However,
there never seem to be a shortage of ideas to help defeat the unexpected. The great thing about Sy
(by the way, he’s the intelligent one) is he’s always thinking ahead to try and find the best way to
put the job to rest.

Who says stickmen can’t drive?
These guys can figure out anything.
OK… almost anything.
They just need a little more practice getting it Right!
No Left!! …NO STRAIGHT!!! 
Watch out for that sign post ahead… Well, there was a sign
post a second ago… oops!  Anyway, see how the Sylverados
bare shocking resemblance to the human species
when it comes to the 4 wheel love affair.

It’s a race against time for Sylvester to come save his brother
Sy from an unthinkable doom, provided he doesn’t get caught
by any of the local humans. Bound and determined,
Sylvester musters up all he has to alert and rescue Sy before he’s transformed into another company dummy. See if its mission accomplished and find out who the real dummies are
in this hilarious episode
“STILL Working”.

Sy was perfectly content pushing around his
rickety old lawnmower.
But even he couldn’t resist the invitation to go cruise
the grass lands in style on a big, sporty rider mower.
Yard work has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning.
Ah yes…
Sylvester has finally come up with a better idea of his own.
Trouble is… there’s not a whole lot of grass cutting going on.

What better way to spend summer vacation than to
go camping in the woods. Its nature at its best and
so are Sy and Sylvester when faced with the task of rest and relaxation. No camp boredom here. We know all too well the unexpected has a fickle way of following the two around like a middle name. Find out how the Sylverados fare in their
very first experience ever, lodging under the stars.

Apparently humans aren’t the only ones to embrace
the holiday season. Sylvester had been counting down
the days faithfully since oh, last December.
With Christmas Eve now upon them, getting ready for
the big day is nothing short of a monumental task

…and where there’s Sylverado urgency, chaos is usually
not far behind.
So hop on board with these spirited misfits
as they welcome in jolly ‘ol St. Nicholas
in hopes of
fulfilling a rather lengthy wish list.
Although we’re not quite sure
which of Santa’s 2
lists the Sylverados actually fall under
Naughty or Nice.

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